If you enjoy the exhilaration of a fast team event then Timmermann's Drill Team might be perfect for you.  You will improve your riding skills as well as make great new friends!

Click here for information on 12th Annual Dances with Horses Competition on Labor Day.

2017 Timmermanns Drill Team2017 Drill Team Members: LtoR: Bonnie Frank, Drew Brehm, DeDe Reed, Joan Rembacz, Patti Bohmann, Vicky Huff, Sherry Mann, Dale Timmermann (coach) Ken Lindahl, Claire Mantelman, Mike Broullard, Carrie Dodt (not shown: Lisa Schiro)

Timmermann's Drill Team began in 1997 with a group of adult students. The group wanted to expand their knowledge of horsemanship skills with the thrill of performing in front of live audiences. Since then the team has performed at many rodeos, horse fairs, charity events and fun shows. We perform for our country and honour the colors of our great country's flag ~ red, white & blue!

Call us at 847-526-8066 to inquire about performances and parade appearances. Donations are appreciated and we vote on our favorite charity.

 MMB5233 Edit HDR editTimmermann's Drill Team Performing their opening move - The Sweep.